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Tech House music originated from the sound of Techno and House music, creating a new mixture that brings together two of the largest genres in electronic dance music. Tech House, as a fusion genre, brings the best of both worlds to its sound: the grooviness of House music and harder sound of Techno. Over the years Tech House has been more commonly mixed with soulful Deep House, traditional Detroit Techno and contemporary Minimal Techno,

Trance music developed as dance music pioneers were looking to take their sounds in a new direction. The reappearance of the synthesizer gave birth to a new synth-rich melodic Trance realizing a musical form that builds up and down throughout a track, creating an altered state of consciousness known as a trance. This style of music is frequently played in nightclubs, vacation spots and inner cities where the atmosphere just calls out for the Trance

Deep House is a style of house music influenced by Chicago House, Jazz-Funk, and Detroit Techno that brings together a mixture of sounds to gives a track a slightly dissonant feel. Deep House music is nowadays more commonly mixed together with Tech House, creating a fusion of groovefull deep basslines and sexy melodies.

Minimal, originally known as Minimal Techno, is known to be a minimalist derivative of Techno or Minimal House. Minimal focuses on rhythm and repetition instead of melody and linear progression. This style of Dance music generally sticks to the motto “less is more”.

Chillout music (also known as Chill-out or Chill) is a slow-tempo style of music made by contemporary producers in the electronic music scene. Term and genre are originated in the chill rooms set up at clubs to give clubbers the chance to take a break from the euphoric dance music, and relax with Chillout music instead. Chillout music is synonymous with the more recently popularized terms Smooth Electronica and Soft Techno

Electro House (also known as Electro or Dirty House) is a fusion of House music and Electro music. Electro House is a subgenre that rose to become one of the most prominent genres of House music today. High-pitched electronic leads, slang in its vocal, and the simplicity of its catchy beats make Electro House an all-time favorite for habitual clubbers.

House music is known to come straight from The Warehouse, a nightclub in Chicago that existed from 1977 to 1982; after dropping the “ware” from the “house” you get House music. It all started by mainly African-American DJs who began experimenting with new editing techniques such as remixing, sampling and new electronic instruments like synthesizers and sequencers. A blend of Soul, R&B and Funk with celebratory messages on dancing, love and sexuality make House music a favorite among its listeners.

Techno music originated from Detroit, USA during the mid to late 1980s. Techno music is seen as the foundation for many styles and subgenres like Tech House and Minimal (also known as Minimal Techno or Minimal House). Jeff Mills, along with Derrick May, and Carl Craig are some of the pioneering names in Techno music. Years later the sound has develop to something new from when it started through the use of new technology available

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Right or Wrong - Remixes - Right or Wrong - Remixes - Electro House

Zdarlight (Chopstick / Johnjon Remix) - Zdarlight (Chopstick / Johnjon Remix) - HOUSE

Out At Night - Out At Night - Minimal

Saviour EP - Saviour EP - Progressive House

La Manga - La Manga - Deep House

Seductive EP - Seductive EP - Deep House

El Cholo - El Cholo - Deep House

My Love Is Systematic Vol. 5 - My Love Is Systematic Vol. 5 - Deep House

Crazy Circus - Crazy Circus - Progressive House

The Colors - The Colors - Deep House

Aw  Yeah - Aw  Yeah - HOUSE

Baccanali - Baccanali - Electro House

Getting Me Hot - Getting Me Hot - HOUSE

How Does It Feel The Remixes - How Does It Feel The Remixes - Electro House